FUTURE STUDENTS - Keys to Excel in Your Art History and Archaeology Studies

FUTURE STUDENTS - Keys to Excel in Your Art History and Archaeology Studies

Keys to Excel in Your Art History and Archaeology Studies

Art History and Archaeology are vast and captivating fields. To give you a head start, we offer a deep dive into some of the essential subjects you will encounter during your undergraduate studies. Though based on the La Sorbonne program from 2006 to 2008, this list retains the fundamentals.


  • Egyptology
  • Archaeology and history of Greek art
  • Archaeology and history of Roman art
  • Archaeology and art history of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
  • Art history of the Middle Ages
  • Art history of the Renaissance
  • Modern art history
  • Prints and photography
  • Contemporary art history and heritage history
  • Archaeology and history of Islamic art
  • Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
  • Archaeology of ancient Far Eastern art
  • Pre-Hispanic American archaeology


  • Early Preparation: Obtain the undergraduate programs for Art History and Archaeology from La Sorbonne two to three years prior to your enrollment. This foresight will help you grasp the major themes.

  • Meticulous Organization: Structure your library according to the program's subject classification.

  • Deepening Content: Familiarize yourself with the program details to better understand academic expectations.

  • Information Gathering: Enquire directly at the university or through contacts about the content of exams and evaluation formats.

  • Student Network: Forge connections with current Art History and Archaeology students to exchange resources, advice, or experiences.

  • Academic Literature: Identify faculty members who have authored publications and get their books.

With rigorous preparation and a well-defined strategy, you'll be not only ready to face academic challenges but also to shine in your studies. Work with passion, methodology, and determination.

Best of luck on this thrilling academic journey!

Jean Luc Angrand

P.S.: Explore my books in digital format. Though originally written in French, CHATGPT has assisted in translating them into several languages. If you spot a translation error, please inform me. Your feedback is invaluable. Thank you!


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